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For two million people throughout the UK, e-cigarettes have and continue to provide a viable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. They have enabled those using them to leave smoking behind, either on a full or part-time basis. This should be a cause for celebration, not a cause for concern.


The friends and family of smokers also benefit when a smoker switches to e-cigarettes. They are no longer putting their own health at risk through passive smoking, their homes are happier, healthier places to be, and most importantly they no longer have to worry about their friend or family member dying prematurely as a direct result of smoking.


Currently the EU is considering how to regulate e-cigarettes. At present MEPs have voted against medical regulations, but we are in a process called trilogue, where the Council, Commission and representatives of the MPs re negotiate the TPD, and medical regulations could be re introduced. We need to prevent this from happening,


This campaign wishes to see e-cigarettes robustly regulated as a consumer product and freely available to those who want to switch, not just for the sake of smokers, but for all our sakes!


Please take the time to read the campaign letter. Please then add your name to the letter and please encourage your friends and family to support this campaign, it is vital that we get as many people supporting this letter as possible. The letter will then be delivered to MP’s in November.



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Sign the letter and support us!